NCSA Calendars









  1. click on
  2. Click on the sign in link on the right corner and enter username (, and password. If you check the automatically sign in and your browser accept cookies you will only need to do this step once.
  3. In the left pan look for the glider you want to reserve (under Other Calendars/Airplanes) and click on the glider name. This will open up the reservation page for this glider.
  4. Click on the +ADD link on the date you want to reserve.
  5. In the description field enter your name and the glider you want to reserve.
  6. Enter the location (optional).
  7. Enter the start time and duration.
  8. Enter additional information in the Notes field (optional).
  9. Ignore the rest of the fields and click OK.
  10. Your reservation is done. If you have difficulties please email your reservation details to Monique (