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Pre Solo Exam  

Bruno Gantenbrink: Safety Comes First

How to tie down a glider  
Wing Runner Online Course  

Pilot Induced Oscillations and Grobs

Presentation on Judgment  
Thermal Camp 2009 - Paul McDonald  
Glider Quiz (gliderdemo/passpass)








Safety Seminar - February 2006  


Initial Presentation  
Effects of Density Altitude on Landing Performance at High Altitude Airports - Richard Pearl  

Glider Instrumentation - Buzz Graves

Stalls/Spins: Human Factors in Accident Prevention - Monique Weil  
Safe Cross-Country Soaring from Byron - Ramy Yanetz  
WINGS and SSA Badges - Dave Cunningham  








Safety Seminar - February 2008  

Safe XC Soaring from Byron - Ramy Yanetz

NCSA Safety Meeting Quiz - Dave Cunningham  
Safety Talk - Complacency - Richard Pearl  
Weather Information and Checkride Observations - Dan Gudgel  
WINGS Information  






Safety Seminar - February 2009

First Aid on the Flight Line - Annette Chavez Fountain

NCSA Flight Rules Quiz - Monique Weil
Safety Seminar - February 2010

NCSA Ground Operations and field manager responsibilities - Bill Levinson

Everything you wanted to know about AIRSPACE- Mike Voie

High Altitude Wave Flight Considerations - Mike Voie

The Civil Air Patrol Cadet Glider Program in Region 11 Part 1 - Bob Semans
The Civil Air Patrol Cadet Glider Program in Region 11 Part 2 - Bob Semans
Safety Seminar - February 2011

Visually guided attention and flying - Maja Djurisic

Byron WX Seminar - Harry Fox

Decision Making for XC and wave soaring from Byron - Ramy Yanetz

Safety Seminar - February 2012
The Civil Air Patrol Glider Program - Bob Semans
Wave Soaring from Byron - Ramy Yanetz
Safety Seminar - February 2013
Blipmap for Dummies - Ramy Yanetz
Safety Seminar - January 2016
XC Flight Planning - Ramy Yanetz