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Introductory glider flights are only $95!

The Northern California Soaring Association (NCSA) is located at Byron Airport in Contra Costa county, CA, approx 40 miles east of San Francisco. The NCSA is the only club in the San Francisco Bay Area that offers its members basic gliding (sailplane) lessons, as well as encouraging progression to cross country soaring.

The club operates on weekends, although flying may also be scheduled on weekdays depending on the interest and availability of members. During the summer several of the clubs gliders are moved to soaring sites in the Sierra Nevada to take advantage of the superb soaring conditions in the mountains.

The club has two tow planes and uses 3 Grob 103's for basic to advanced instruction and flights by club members. Club members can also fly a single seat Grob 102 and a SGS 1-26.



NCSA is a community organization where all members help out with club operations. The NCSA membership regularly runs glider operations at Byron Airport on both Saturday and Sunday from 10:00am to Sunset, weather permitting.  Operations on other days are also possible when there is sufficent member interest and a tow pilot is available.

Operations are managed by club members, with one club member acting as flight manager to oversee the flight line. Types of operations include flight training, as well as licensed pilots flights in club ships or private gliders. During the summer months (Late May through September) several of the club's gliders are moved to soaring sites in the mountains, such as Truckee and Air Sailing to take advantage of the excellent soaring conditions there. Flying also continues at Byron during the summer with the tow plane and at least one Grob being based at the airfield.

Flight Instruction

As mentioned, NCSA is a community organization where all members help out with club operations. As a result, we are able to offer the least expensive flight instruction and aero-tows in the Bay Area. Our club has several very experienced Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certified instructors who provide both basic and advanced instruction. An instructor is always available on flying days at Byron. Student pilots will need to contact a club instructor prior to the day they are intending flying to schedule training.

In addition to NCSA, glider flight instruction is also available at two commercial operations accessible from the Bay Area; Hollister Soaring Center, LLC and Williams Soaring.

Experienced taildragger pilot? Apply to join our Tow Pilot group.

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Left: One of the club's Grob 103 two seat sailplanes (photo by Liz Warren). Right: NCSA's Scout tow plane (photo by Liz Warren)

Left: NCSA instructor Monique Weil (in backseat) with a student in an L-13 Blanik (Photo by Monique Weil). Right: The club's Grob 102 single seat sailplane rounds out just before touching down on runway 23 at Byron (photo by Tom Hail)

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