SSA Sailplane Tracker 

NCSA pilots with SPOT/InReach  tracking devices
Click on the link  to see their current / latest flight track:

Ramy Yanetz (ASW27 "TG")

Shannon Madsen (ASW20 "EP")

Morteza Ansari (ASW20 "MA")

Buzz Graves (DG 800, "BG")

Yuliy Gerchikov (DG800, "L8")

Bruce Roberts  (ASW20 "14B")

Mike Green (Duo Discus "MG")

Peter Kelemen (Libelle "8W")

Rolf Peterson (ASW20 "PE"/ HP-14 / G109B / Automobile)

Mike Voie

Dick Horn (Discus B "GE")

Walter Friedrich

Van Emden Henson (MiniNimbus "1YC")