Cross Country Resources


GPS Turnpoints - Files formatted for downloading and importing into your programs and Google Earth

Online Contest (OLC)

OLC - USA - Daily results

NCSA Flights - All flights by NCSA members

Byron Flights - All flights from Byron


SPOT Tracking Page - NCSA pilots with SPOT Tracking devices


Decision Making for XC and wave soaring from Byron - Ramy Yanetz

Byron WX Seminar - Harry Fox

Safe XC Soaring from Byron - Powerpoint presentation by Ramy Yanetz

Cross Country flying out of Byron - WestWind Article by Ramy Yanetz

Byron Cross Country Info - Ramy Yanetz

Byron to Avenal Flight Planning - Ramy Yanetz

Byron to Avenal Flight Planning - Glideplan sectional map

BlipMap For Dummies - Safety Seminar presentation

Wave Soaring from Byron - Ramy Yanetz

XC Flight Planning - Ramy Yanetz

Introduction to Cross Country Soaring - Kai Gertsen

Landing Off Field - Kai Gertsen

Beyond Tracy - Tom Anklam


PASCO Egg Capture Trophie

Where's the PASCO Egg?